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Good to know

Many times we think that if a bike has example 19" rim what has 36 spokes that any similar style new rim with 36 holes fits directly.

Well, that is not so simple, and there is a few reasons for that.

Every motorcycle has its own hubs where the holes and hole angles are different.

If the hole in a rim is not in the same angle than hubs hole, it will cause tension for spokes what can eventually break them.

The wider the rim, the more common it is to face troubles in this matters.

Bikes with wide rims is extremely important to find correct offset so new rim would not touch on silencer etc.

That said, we at Wheel Factory Finland will make holes ourselves with our laser measurement tools every single wheel separately to match every single hub. This is the only way to make sure your wheels are made to last in extreme conditions and not touching on fork legs, silencer, etc.

Therefore we order our rims without holes.

When buying only a rim from us, we will drill holes exactly on a right angle to suit your hub. Just let us know what bike and hub you are using.